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Modern Dance Leap

Dance Class Schedule


6:00-6:45 Jr. Tap Foundations

Ages 7-11

6:45-7:30 All Levels Jazz 8+

7:30-8:15 Sr. Tap Foundations 12+



5:00-6:00 Go Getters In Motion Technique Ages 8+

6:00-7:00 Jr. Team Choreography

7:00-7:45 All Levels Contemporary 8+


11:00-12:00 Sr. Ballet 

12:00-1:00 Sr. Technique (Alternates monthly Jazz & Contemporary)

1:10-2:10 Sr. Team Choreography




  • $48/month for a weekly 1 hour class on autopay

  • $40/month for a weekly 45 minute class on autopay

  • $15/class for Drop-In

Classes get signed up for individually and will be set up on automated monthly payments.

Bundle & Save


Opportunity to save when your dancer takes two technique classes on the same day. There is a Monday Dance Bundle , Wednesday Dance Bundle, and a  Friday Dance Bundle option.

  • Monday dance bundle includes two 45 minute classes: All Level Jazz & one Tap Foundations class for $75/month.

  • Wednesday dance bundle includes a 1 hour class and a 45 minute class: Go Getters In Motion technique and All Level Contemporary class for $83/month. ​

  • Friday Dance Bundle includes two one hour classes: Sr. Ballet and Sr. Technique which alternates monthly between Jazz & Contemporary for $90/month. 

These bundle options can only be used for the classes listed.

Class Descriptions


Junior Tap Foundations 6:00-6:45 pm with Miss Keta

This class is for students ages 7-11. Students can expect to learn basic tap skills and terminology, adding sounds to basic steps, musicality and counts introduced to create more complex rhythms. Balance and body alignment are also introduced. Tap board is required. 

All Level Jazz 6:45-7:30 pm with Miss Keta 

This class is open to students ages 8+. Great for dancers who are looking to improve fundamental jazz technique, rhythm, style, and gain an understanding of body awareness. Jazz is a dynamic dance style which encourages presentation and the exploration of individual expression. Styles include theater jazz, classic jazz, and contemporary jazz. 

Senior Tap Foundations 7:30-8:15 pm with Miss Keta

This class is for students 12+. Students can expect to learn more intricate, complex step variations and rhythms. Tricks are introduced to inspire the dancers to execute clean sounds, while focusing on body alignment to maintain balance and strength. Tap board is required. 


Go Getters In Motion* 5:00-6:00 pm with Miss Sandra 

If your dancer is age 8 + and looking to level up their training this is the class for them! Each month we will study a different genre of dance. We will alternate between contemporary, jazz, and ballet. In this class we will focus on a solid foundation in technique and alignment while also working on creating fun and meaningful connections in the classroom. Students will enhance their skill by practicing the art of picking up choreography, which can spark confidence within themselves. We will also discuss mindset and tools for the moments when we feel frustrated and learn how to navigate mental wellness in the dance classroom, which carries over to being resilient in everyday living!


All Level Contemporary ages 8+ 7:00-7:45 pm with Miss Aaliyah

This all levels contemporary class is perfect for dancers ages 8+ wanting to continue to develop their artistry and technique. Dancers can expect to learn combinations that drive them to tap into their fullest potential. This class will focus on exploration of movement, connecting with music, and building trust within self. 


Senior Ballet** 11:00-12:00 pm with Miss Sandra 

This class is for students who are 13+ who are seeking to level up their training. Previous ballet training is strongly encouraged. Students can expect to learn vocabulary, body awareness and alignment, and gain confidence within themselves. The last class of every month will be a pre-pointe/pointe class. Dancers who are not en pointe will take the class in flat shoes and work on dexterity and strengthening of the feet and ankle joints.   

Alternating Senior Jazz & Contemporary ** 12:00-1:00 pm with Miss Sandra 

This class is for students who are 13+ who would like an uplifting and focused environment to explore their true potential, up level their training, and tap into their creativity. This class alternates monthly between jazz and contemporary to offer a diverse learning experience. Students can expect to be challenged with their technical growth, be given opportunities to explore improv and choreography, as well as given tools to help with their mindset for resilience in and out of the classroom! 

Additional Information

All students must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver in order to participate in any classes. Please do so here.


All students signed up for tap classes will need to purchase a tap board. Please bring this board with you to every class. We just refinished our floor and want to prevent as much wear and tear as possible. We do have some available for purchase with some fun engraving options! Email for more info or to place your order. 

Click the title in the class descriptions to sign up for automated monthly payments. Automated payments typically even out over the course of the year. Some months may have more or less classes, but the price remains the same. 


Choreography classes that are listed on the schedule are for Home Within Movement dance team members only. At the end of each season we will hold auditions for our upcoming season.  If you or your dancer is interested in joining the team and would like to learn more, email In the meantime, it would be a great idea to sign your dancer up for technique classes to help prepare them for auditions.

* Required technique class for our Junior Team

** Required technique class for our Senior Team


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