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About Sandra

Founder & Artistic Director of Home Within Movement
Photo by Valerie Spegal





Trauma Sensitive Approach 


Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

My Story

Hi all! 

My name is Sandra Romanski. In a nutshell I am a gymnast, turned dancer, turned yogi.  I fell in love with movement at the young age of nine. I was inspired by Kerri Strug during the 96' olympics. She truly set me on my ever growing and ever changing relationship with movement. 

As a youngster, I was a gymnast and that eventually led me to find my love for dance and the performing arts. I started dancing when I was 17 years old and spent the next 10 or so years training vigorously. I studied dance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I graduated with my BFA degree in performance and choreography in dance. I performed nationally and internationally in locations such as New York, South Korea, Turks and Caicos and Germany. I brought a group of students to Germany to perform at the Kiel Gymnastics and Dance Festival. I have been teaching and mentoring dancers for over 15 years. 

In 2016, I received my 200 hour yoga certification through my mentor and now dear friend Vonda Neal at True North Yoga. I needed a new lens to view movement through. My body wasn't moving as easily as it used to when it came to my dance training and I needed to work on my relationship with my body and the way I moved it. Yoga truly has changed my life in ways I didn't even realize it could and for that I am so grateful.


In 2020, I received an additional 300 hour certification through YogaFit and am now 500 hour certified. I also have a 100 hour Trauma Sensitive Teacher certification which explores different teaching practices to best serve individuals who may have experienced trauma or those who may be struggling with PTSD. I also received my 100 hour Mind Body Recovery Coaching certification. This certification is through the lens of addiction and how it may show up in many different forms. In this program we also explored ways to recognize patterns of being stuck-physically, mentally, and on spiritual levels.

With this knowledge my approach to movement has shifted. In my classes, whether it be through yoga or dance, we feel into the body and tune into the sensations that are happening within us. We work on building a positive relationship with ourselves and honoring our own body. In this approach, we can begin to walk a path of healing, transformation, and connection. When this happens we begin to live our lives in a more authentic way.


For the dancers out there, the benefit of having this authentic connection to ourselves will ultimately lead to a more authentic connection to our audience. 

Whether it be through yoga or dance, my goal is to provide tools that will empower you to find a true sense of feeling at home within yourself and allow that to manifest into how you move throughout your daily life. 

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